Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Leading Men

I had someone ask me once why I often have big muscular men as my leading male characters and if they are not extremely beefy that they were lean and feminine looking. It’s just my personal preference. When the characters are forming in my head they tend to take on traits that I find very attractive. Especially for the erotic romance stories.

It seems silly that a woman who stands only five foot two would find such large powerful men very attractive. After all a man who stood six foot two, would tower over me. That’s one of the things I find so sexy about big, strong, beautiful men. I love how strong men are. I mean here is someone who could quite literally break a woman in two if he wanted to, but yet he is so gentle.

On the other end of the spectrum men who are so beautiful almost feminine looking have there own appeal. These men always seem to have long silky hair in my stories. Another trait I find terribly sexy. When I pair the big men with these feminine men, damn it can get pretty darn hot.

I have always liked a man who was more on the dominant side, so most of my male leading characters are certainly alpha males.

All this talk about men is getting my muses stirring, so I better get to writing.


Runaway said...

Happy writing. I've fallen in love with your Master novels. I hope to see a new one soon. : ) Well, I'll talk with you soon.


arcanewriter said...

Thank you :)

I am working on the next book in the Master Seried titled "Master Nikolai" it should be realeased by the end of Oct 2006