Monday, February 01, 2016

Feb 2016 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

An early Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

We are finally done with all the stuff with this darn move. I tell you what I’m never moving across country again. I am, however, really enjoying Goodyear AZ. I’m glad we decided to move here.  
On the writing front:

“Stitch By Stitch” the 33rd book in the Master Series releases at the end of the month. Here is a little about the book:

After suffering multiple emotional wounds in his youth, Master Dante has roughly stitched himself back together giving him an edge and a hardness.  Lara denies the pain of her past and now accepts any kind of brutality given to her, whether physical or emotional. Lara leaves the safety of being near Liam to serve the Master of Pain. She is ready to give herself completely to him, yet getting through his defenses will not be easy, Lara doesn’t know if he will let her inside his battered heart. 

Master Dante for the first time in his life feels the need to change. He acquired Lara from Master Griffin because this woman intrigued him. He had no idea just how much this woman was about to change his life. His new role of Head Master, dealing with Angelique’s jealousy, and being forced to confront his and Bazil’s rough beginning, while trying to deny his need for Lara is pushing him to his limits and threatens to unravel all his defenses stitch by painful stitch.

I will be part of the Romance Reviews Mega Anniversary and Valentine's Party Feb 1-29th.

Guest Writer:

The winner of Dec/Jan’s website contest was Mary Pitre congratulations and enjoy the books. For Feb. contest I’m giving away an autographed print book of “Wicked Ones”, “Say Love” and “Stitch By Stitch” to one lucky winner. To enter put contest in the subject line and send it to
Good luck to everyone who enters

Have a great month everyone :)
Best Wishes,
Justus Roux