Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What’s up with Amazon.com

What’s up with Amazon.com

I recently just found out that Amazon isn’t carrying PDF or Microsoft e-books anymore or at least it appears that way. Instead they are directing customers to Mobipocket, which of course they own. Thankfully all my books are on Mobipocket and of course are in print. But what about the small publishers who only produce ebooks, this has to have a huge impact on them. I don’t like the fact that readers will lose the option to have ebooks in PDF or Microsoft reader, when they buy from Amazon. I sold quite a lot of ebooks through Amazon and have to wonder how this will affect my business’ bottom line. Since ebooks of all my books are found in a number of other avenues I am hoping this won’t affect my business too much. As a reader I often bought ebooks through Amazon, I personally prefer Microsoft reader.

Another thing that concerns me a little is the rising price of gas. I feel the impact of this in my household. With so many people barely making ends meet they will have less and less money to spend on fun stuff like books. I have tried to keep my ebooks at a very reasonable price. Most outlets carrying them for between $4-$5, I plan to keep the price of my ebooks at this price. However I don’t have control over if retailers increase the price, most however follow the suggested retail price.

My young adult imprint On Dragon Wings will still hopefully (Fingers crossed) launch by March 2007. I have sent the first book “Soul Spectrum” to be tested by the targeted audience (children ages 12-17) and so far the book is being well received, even in it’s pre-proofed form. I certainly hope by time this imprint launches that the economy will get back on track.

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