Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I have been working on my book “Master Nikolai” and have come up to the hardest part-the middle. Writing the beginning and the end are very easy for me, it’s the middle if I’m not careful the story can wander away from the main plot. When I am done with a book then go through and edit it is always the middle of the book I have to rework a bit. The middle is where I have to stop and think how this storyline is going to get to the ending that I have envisioned. There is nothing wrong with a storyline taking little detours. When I am writing a book and the characters start interacting with one another the book might take a different direction than I planned in the first place. Where I am at now in “Master Nikolai” the storyline is pretty much set. I just have to keep myself from taking too many detours. This will slow down the story and I sure don’t want that.

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