Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My book “Love Thy Master” was nominated for the Romance Studio’s Cupid & Psyche Awards (CAPA) in the BDSM category. Yay! What a great way to end the year : ) Now it’s time to put on some music and dance my butt off ♪

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I am working on the finishing touches to "Erotic Shivers Volume I" I am hoping the book will be released by Dec 27th. This book is rather large it's about 350 pages long, so it will take a little more time than I anticipated to finish polishing it up. I got the cover proof for the book yesterday and it looks wonderful :) Thank goodness I got all my Christmas shopping, decorating etc. done so that I can spend most of my time finishing this book up. I am so looking forward to its release.

I just found out my short story "Watch and Wait" will be included in the anthology "Got a Minute" edited by Alison Tyler.

Time for my happy dance

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This morning I have to go to the doctor. My thyroid levels are a bit off. No big deal really and I am thankful for that. My hand still bears the bruise from when the hospital drew blood a couple days ago. They always have a problem drawing blood, so it hurts like hell. I am glad my doctor’s appointment is in the morning that way I get it done and over with.

I am going to finish my Christmas shopping today. Thankfully I don’t have much left to do. This weekend I am going to decorate my house for the holidays. Strangely it doesn’t feel like Christmas, perhaps it is from the lack of snow. Whatever the case I hope I get into the holiday spirit soon.

I am plotting out several storylines. Since all these storylines are in my head at the moment I might as well get the basic outline of each storyline written down. That way I won’t forget any of them.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I have finished the erotic shiver “The Heart’s Ecplise” this was a challenging story to write. Here is a little about the story:
All Rakar knew was war. His whole life he was trained to become a General of the Sidana army. All the battles he has won, all the cruelty he is commanded to inflict, all of this has made Rakar a uncompassionate, cold man. But when Rakar is commanded to attack the small colony planet of Nunos he meets the man who will change his life forever.
Serin despised Rakar for destorying his planet and making him a personal slave. Yet, he finds himself drawn to Rakar. He is ashamed of his developing feelings for his captor. The more he tries to deny these feelings the more these feelings grow stronger.

This erotic shiver along with the erotic shiver “Surrender” will be available in the Erotictales Yahoo store in Jan. 2007

My muses are driving me nuts. I have like three or four storylines that are roaming around in my head at the moment. Which one to start writing? I try to plan a release order for next year’s books, but I can only write whatever story that is more dominant in my mind. “In the Arms of Oblivion” seems to be pushing it’s way to the front of my mind. However I hadn’t plan on working on this story until late next year. I also have the storyline for “Whips, Silk Ropes and Roses” weaving together in my mind too. Arrgh…and not to mention the other two storylines in there too. I think I will spend today figuring out which storyline to write first. I like to keep writing and since I have finished “The Heart’s Ecplise” it’s time to move on to plotting out the next story.