Sunday, July 30, 2006

A little about "Precious Cargo"

The story “Precious Cargo” which part one is up on my website now, partial came from another book I started about a year ago titled “With these Chains” What inspired “With these Chains” was an article I read about slave trading. I was so repulsed to learn that this really goes on, but more so by how many lives are damaged by this every year. “With these Chains” has been by the far the hardest book I ever had written up this point, so much in fact it is hard to finish. The pain and suffering I have to put the main character through was uncomfortable to write, but it needed to be in there to show the horror of his situation. I never put violent or sexual scenes in a book if they don’t further the plot. I will finish this book hopefully sometime next year. The powerful message of kindness and love to overcome such overwhelming obstacles is quite beautiful. “With these Chains” is a contemporary novel and “Precious Cargo” is fantasy. “Precious Cargo” is about Remau’s dream of finding a little kindness. He was born on the slave planet Neve. This planet’s only purpose is to produce obedient slaves. Most are use for manual labor, but the ones with exceptional beauty are trained to be pleasure slaves. “Precious Cargo” is far less violent than “With these Chains” There is no need for it in the story. Remau has trained to be a slave and therefore is expected to endure what his owners want to do to him. Gaven for “With the Chains” was trick into become a slave, and his trainer is a sadistic piece of human debris.

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