Monday, August 07, 2006

When Muses Misbehave

Last week it was terribly hard to focus on writing. First it was hotter than hell most of the week and even though I do have air-conditioning it still got toasty in my house. I told my husband next summer we are getting central air.

My muses have been overactive the last few weeks too. I’ve been having a creative storm as I like to put it. I have so many new storylines bouncing around in my head, it is almost impossible to focus on the story I am writing now. The only thing I can really do is write down all these new story ideas and hope it settles my muses down a bit.

Today is the first day I have gotten some serious writing done. I have been working on “Precious Cargo” and should have it done tomorrow. I am really pleased how this story has turned out. I would like to continue work on “Master Nikolai” by the end of the week. However Jacob’s story is demanding to be written. Jacob is Rose’s assistant, both are working on a book about Masters. The first part of their story is in the erotic shiver “Curiosity Seduced the Woman” Rose is the leading female character in “Master Nikolai” While Rose is at Nikolai’s home in Romania, Jacob managed to get on Master Drake’s island. I wanted to write an erotic shiver about Jacob’s experience on Master Drake’s island. The original plan was to write this story after I finished “Master Nikolai”, but apparently my muses don’t like this plan. Jacob’s story and Rose’s story cover the same timeline. I thought this would be very interesting. Both of them will find out that there is so much more to the Master/Slave lifestyle than they thought. Both also find out something about themselves along the way. I haven’t come up with a title for Jacob’s story yet, but it will come to me.

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