Friday, August 18, 2006

I have been working on two stories at once this week. I have almost finished the Erotic Shiver "His Eyes Wide Open" this story is about Jacob, Rose's young assistant. He went to Master Drake's island to do some research for his and Rose's book about Masters. This story is bigger than I first originally thought it would be. I also have been working on “Master Nikolai” this is the book Rose is in. I have been really wrapped up in this whole story. I have type so much this week my poor fingers are sore. But I love it when my stories flow this good. Master Nikolai is a bit more complex, he is more a ritual Master (He prefers to have things done a certain way, his submissives love doing these things for him) and he doesn’t accept guests the way Drake and Dante does. His punishments are more of denial than pain, he doesn’t want to or like to bring pain to his women. Nikolai is a very private person.

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