Friday, September 01, 2006

Last night I had a little trouble sleeping, a bit too much coffee during the day. So, with this extra time I started to map out my goals for next year. I came up with quite an ambitious plan. The only problem is what books I was going to come out with. I have so many really good storylines floating around in my head. I do know for sure the next book in the Barbarians of Malka series will be one of the first books released next year. And of course the yearly anthology which will be titled Erotic Tales Volume II. Erotic Shiver Volume II will also be released next year as well, as for what other books I am just not sure yet. I guess I will leave it up to my muses which ones will be released.

I will be attending Dragon Con next year. This was a hard decision. I wanted to at least get one book/trade show in next year. It was between The Romantic Times Convention and Dragon Con, the deciding factor was my oldest son is graduating from high school next year and The Romantic Times book show is held too close to the time he graduates. I wish I could attend both, but there is no way I can.

I have so much I would like to get done next year. If I only get half of what I want to get done it will be a great year.

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