Friday, November 10, 2006

My oldest son turned 18 yesterday. It’s strange that my little baby is now legally an adult. I feel so old today. Next year he is going off to college. My youngest son is 16, next year he becomes a senior in high school. He is already making college plans. My little girl, the baby in the family, is celebrating her 11th birthday next Sunday. Two birthdays in one month makes for a busy month, lol.

Today for some reason my husband’s usual lack of enthusiasm for planning the kids’ birthdays is really bugging the heck out of me. I do all the planning and he just shows up. I was talking on the phone with him last night about the upcoming birthday celebrations and that lackluster tone to his voice made me wish I could reach through the phone and punch him hard, especially since it’s a milestone birthday for my son. Arrgh! There now that I have vented a little I feel better now :)

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Andrey Lipkovskiy said...

I thought that legall adult in US is a 21 year person, isn't he?
But it doesn't matter. Congratulations!