Sunday, November 26, 2006

After a rather long four days I went to catch up on reading my emails and had a wonderful surprise. The first review for my book "Master Nikolai" recieved a 5 out 5 blue ribbons from the Romance Junkies! Needless to say I am thrilled by this. Below is a little of the review. The entire review will be posted on Romance Junkies website soon.

Yay, it's time to do a happy dance :)

MASTER NIKOLAI is the latest addition to Justus Roux's MASTERS series. If you've already been reading this series you'll appreciate the protective nature of both the Masters and their beloved slaves throughout this book. If you haven't read any of the other books then MASTER NIKOLAI gives you a tantalizing taste of each of these dynamic Masters and the submissives who love them. Rose and Jacob enter into their book project from an outsider's perspective but soon discover that while the lifestyle isn't for everyone there are aspects that do appeal to them. I was touched by Rose's story and her confusion while being with Nikolai, but it's Jacob's story that brought me to tears. His time on Master Drake's island is so open and honest that I truly felt my heart break when it came time for him to leave. Justus Roux fans will truly appreciate MASTER NIKOLAI's story.

Title: Master Nikolai
Category: Contemporary
Reviewer: Chrissy DionneReviewer
Author: Justus Roux
Publisher: Erotictales Publishing
Release Date: October 2006
ISBN Number: 09777788
Author Homepage:
Author email:
Format: EBOOK/PRINTRating:
5 out of 5 Blue Ribbons

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