Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I have been waiting for the print proof of “Master Nikolai” and looks like I should be getting it today : ) I just love holding my newest book in my hands. I get such a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

I have been working on two Erotic Shivers “Surrender” and “The Heart’s Eclipse”. These two have been particularly strange to write, because I have been working on both at the same time. It’s like they are both competing to get written at the same time. Normally, I like to focus on one story at a time. There may be new storylines that will pop into my head while I am working on a particular story, but I usually just write the storyline down and continue working on the story I have already started. Luckily both of these new stories are coming along fine. “Surrender” is being posted on my website a part at a time, there will be three parts in all. Part one is posted now.

“The Heart’s Eclipse” will go into my yahoo store as an Erotic Shiver. This story came out of my love for Yaoi, which are love stories between two men written by women for women. Though you have to be careful when choosing a Yaoi, quite a number of them involve an adult male with a teenage boy, those I don’t like. But when it’s two adult males in the story it is really hot. “The Heart’s Eclipse” is about the growing love between Serin and Rakar. Rakar is a Sidana warrior, this race of people spread fear throughout the galaxy. They invade colonies taking slaves, food, valuables and whatever they can’t use they kill or destroy. Serin is from the colony Nunos which gets attack by the Sidana warriors. Rakar is instantly attracted to the beautiful Serin and takes him as a slave. Serin at first despises Rakar, but soon the two slowly start to fall in love. Their love is forbidden and could cost both of them their lives. The challenge of this story will be showing the slow build from hate to love between the two men. If they fall in love too fast it won’t be believable. If it takes forever for the two to fall in love it just won’t work. I have to make sure to strike the right balance

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