Friday, November 17, 2006

My daugther's birthday is this Sunday, she will be eleven. She is already figuring out how she would like to spend her birthday money. She also wants to go bowling. This is about the only time I go bowling so needless to say I am not very good at it. Though I do enjoy playing the game. Needless to say it will be a busy weekend.

I am also making my Thanksgiving plans. We are trying to decide which relatives to visit this year or if we just want it to be our little family. Personally I would prefer it to be just our little family. Everything is up in the air at the moment.

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Cathie said...

Justus, my kids always knew what they wanted when they were younger too. I can't bowl but its alot of fun with the kids. Even putt putt golf! I do horrible at both!
For us, since I can't travel with my health, we'll be having dinner here, a small one for us. I think my oldest will be here with us for Thanksgiving and my other son is a senior. I love when its just the four of us. We can relax and go at our own pace, including waiting to do dishes, LOL. Same will be for Christmas this year, just the four of us. Since my health and medical bills last year, we didn't do presents and won't again this year. I came home in time for Christmas and really that was what we wanted the most. And too the teens accepted the issue with presents. So it will be just the four of us for the holidays and probably some fun movies that are on TV. Have a great weekend.