Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oh my goodness my body is so sore. I started my intense workout program this week. I am happy as hell I got through this week : ) My goal is to get my body into the best shape its ever has been by my 40th birthday (July 19th)

Being a writer it seems like I am always sitting. And here lately I haven’t been exercising enough. I love going on very active trips. But, if I don’t discipline myself and keep up with my exercise program I am going to lose my stamina. I sure the hell don’t what that.
I love having curves, so I don’t plan on exercising so hard that I lose them.

This week has flown by it seems. I can’t believe it’s already Saturday. I have been writing so much this week my fingers are getting sore. But when a story is flowing I seem to lose track of time.

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