Monday, October 16, 2006

Today I get to write. I want to start work on the Erotic Shiver “Surrender” I have been so busy lining up promo stuff last week, getting ready for the release of “Master Nikolai” The release date is set for Oct 23 of course that is provided everything goes smoothly. If not then the book will be released a few days later. I still have a ton of promo work to do. But I really need to write.

You may have noticed the avatars on my website. I thought this was a fun idea. I got these on the sitepal website. I have one that welcomes you to my website, one on the erotic shiver page, one on the buy book page and one on the about me page. The one on the about me page is my actual voice, though I think I will redo that one. I was talking a little to fast I think.

I am also trying to get a pod cast ready. I am not the most technological adept person out there so it always takes a little while to figure out how things work.

Now I better get to work. I want to spend the morning writing and then work on the promo stuff more.

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Grace said...

Good luck with the writing. Have fun with the promo. I'll keep this short so you can work. Later Justus.