Monday, October 09, 2006

This weekend I had an impulse to change my writing (office) room. My little office isn’t that big and this room has been the same way since we moved here. And let me tell you this room was really ugly and didn’t really suit my taste at all. So, I went out to Lowes and bought some midnight blue (one of my favorite colors) paint. The ceiling in this room is an ugly drop ceiling, the kind that is found in schools, not the decorative kind. This was a bit of a problem. I really know little about putting up a new ceiling and my husband is the king of procrastination. By time he got around to putting a new ceiling up for me it would probably be this time next year. And he refuses to let me hire someone to help me out with it. So, I was stuck with this ugly drop ceiling. Then an idea came to me. I hurried down to the fabric store and bought some nice black cloth, this color would match the black bookshelf I have in my office. My son helped me put the cloth up on the ceiling to cover that nasty drop ceiling; at least this would be a temporary fix until my husband put the new ceiling up. And to my surprise it looks really good. I feel like I am in an exotic tent :) The midnight blue on the walls really shows off my framed book covers. The only thing I need now is a nice new desk. I know what Christmas present I will be asking my husband for, lol.


Grace said...

Drop ceilings yuck! LOL -flash backs to high school- Anyway. I thought I'd pick your brain and see what you were working on next? I read that you were thinking about doing a vampire Novel? That's would great. I love vampires. Sexy and dangerous. I love the dark mistique. I've read all your Master books except Dante and Angelique and the Newest one coming out. Grrrr the title has left my brain. LOL But I'm looking foward to your newest books. Keep up the good work and Happy writing. :)


arcanewriter said...

It's so nice to hear that you enjoy my books :)

I am currently busy putting my anthology "Erotic Shivers Volume I" together. I am taking all the Erotic Shivers stories that I have written through the year and putting them together in one book. This book will be released in Dec.

"Master Nikolai" is coming out at the end of this month.

I love books about vampires too. My vampire novel will be titled "Stay with Me" but I have more research to do for this book. The story is going to span 400-500 years, so I have to research more about the 1600's I am hoping to have the book released next year.