Sunday, January 14, 2007

Erotic Shivers Volume I Release annoucement

Erotictales Publication proudly announces the release of

Erotic Shivers Volume I

An Anthology of Erotic Stories
Written by Justus Roux

Stories included are:

The Darkness and the Light
Fantasy Erotica— Atrum, the Giver of Darkness, longs to have and dominate, Lumiere, the Bringer of Light. But once Lumiere is Atrum’s prisoner something awakens in Atrum.

Yes, Master Dante
BDSM— this novella is part of Justus Roux’s Master Series. It originally appeared in Erotic Moments, but has been re-edited and expanded upon to tell more of Apollo and Tonya’s story. Tonya Roche is sent to be trained by Master Dante, by her former Master. Dante soon realizes that she would be the perfect distraction for his slave Apollo.

Ecstasy Story-
BDSM—this novella is part of Justus Roux’s Master Series, this story tells about Master Drake's favorite pet Ecstasy before he comes to Kjonn Fengsel. It originally appeared in Erotic Moments but has been re-edited.

Wrath's Story
BDSM— this novella is part of Justus Roux’s Master Series, tells the story of Master Drake's most vicious pet Wrath arrival at the island, just after Wrath leaves Master Dante. It originally appeared in Erotic Moments but has been re-edited.

Kiss of the Vampire
Paranormal Erotica— Gareth thought Emerald was like him a vampire, but in truth Emerald was human who suffered from a rare sun allergy. Gareth is not the only one who mistakes Emerald for a vampire—a group of vampire hunters also label her one. Now Gareth must save Emerald and decide whether he can love a mortal or will he have to let her go. It originally appeared in Erotic Moments but has been re-edited and expanded upon a little.

Trouble Brewing-
Paranormal erotica— the evil witch Shauna desires the handsome knight Rune, but his loves her assistant Kana. Shauna forces Rune to be her lover, will Kana be able to save him.

Dangerous Addiction-
Jenny Devon’s hobby was being a paranormal investigator with her friends Stewart and Shelly. Up until recently, Jenny had never had a true paranormal experience. Soon, she finds herself on three amazing journeys. The first, she encounters a werewolf who changes her mind about these ferocious beings. Second Jenny meets a vampire named Victor whose love for a mortal woman surprises her—and lastly she meets the man who changes her life, the only problem is that he is a vampire. These three stories first appeared on Justus Roux’s website last year, but have been re-edited and fused together to make one incredible story.

Tales of Submission-
which feature the short stories:
Submission’s Beauty
For My Master
Confessions of a Closet Dominatrix
Man Tamer

Sweet Seduction Stories-
which feature the short stories:
Watch and Wait
Beyond Love
Freed Heart

Regina finds herself accused of murder. She tries to explain to her attorney how a man who simply goes by the name Poison drove her to commit this atrocious act by leading her into the world of S&M.

Love is Love-
After her divorce Jill must rely on her artistic talents to pay the bills. When she is commissioned to paint a married couples portrait and they offer her room and board while she is working, Jill can’t refuse. Little does she know this will change her life forever.

Precious Cargo
Remau was from the slave planet Neve. As soon as he reached maturity Remau started his training to be a pleasure slave. He was given as a gift to the empire’s favorite cargo runners. Remau’s only wish was to be given to a kind owner, but soon he realizes his new owners are anything but kind.

Available now in print and ebook

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