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June 2014 Newsletter

June 2014 Newsletter

This month my husband and I celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary.  We are going away on a romantic weekend to celebrate.
On the writing front:
“Toy Soldiers” will be released next month. This is a single titled erotic fantasy novel.  Here is a little about the book:
Syth wakes up in chains. He was taken from his home planet and brought to this strange land. These people destroyed his village and now they are training him to become a toy soldier.  Syth will be forced to fight in these mock battles, which pit one toy soldier General against another.  Yet, while fighting for Jodu, Syth meets Belia. She is one of the bait females in Jodu’s army.  Her fate in each battle depends on if the toy soldier in Jodu’s army can save her before the other army’s toy soldiers kill her.  Belia takes Syth’s breath away and gives him hope that there might be something more than this nightmare he finds himself in. Keeping her safe from the other toy soldiers drives him.
Axon is a super soldier in General Kria’s toy soldier army.  His skill as a warrior has placed Kria’s army in first place in the toy soldier rankings.  She knows it is because of Axon’s battle prowess that her army is ranked number one.  To ensure Axon’s obedience she makes sure that Axon is given his reward of the pleasure slave Pela after each of his victories.  The promise of seeing Pela is the only reason Axon follows Kria’s orders and fights so hard to be victorious.  Syth will have to come up against Axon, when Jodu’s army battles with Kria’s. Both men fight for the same reasons, to be with the female that has taken their heart. Both are equally driven, both will do whatever it takes to get back to their female.
The primitive toy soldiers are no match for the technologically advanced people of Tanasia. Yet, Xyloc, the trainer of Jodu’s toy soldier army, sees something in the new toy soldier Syth’s gaze that chills him to the bone.

I will be part of the Box set giveaway hop on June 21-29

My website has been updated.

Guest Writer:
Just Say Yes-Olivia London

The winner of the May’s website contest was Kaylyn Davis congratulations and enjoy the books. For June’s contest I’m giving away a print book of “Voodoo” and “A Good Man". To enter put contest in the subject line and send it to

Have a great month everyone!

Best Wishes,
Justus Roux

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