Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Whispers of Change" has been released

I came to Master Drake’s home not to serve him, but to be closer to John.  John is unlike any submissive male I have ever seen before. Why I am drawn to him this way I don’t know. I am usually drawn to alpha males.  I left Master Darius hoping that John would love me.  The hope that a submissive male will love me, wow I am setting myself up to get my heart broke, but I have to take a chance on this.

Now that I am here there is so much going on. Master Drake, my new Master, has surprised me by his warmth and well, let’s face it, that man knows how to make love. He is given the title Master of Pleasure in this community, a title that he has more than earned.  Yet, there is something going on between him and his wife Jessica. You can feel it. Maybe it has something to do with Master Logan’s divorce. Maybe, it has to do with the fact that I believe Jessica isn’t supposed to be a Mistress. I’m not about to get in the middle of that, nor will I voice my opinion on that to my new Master.  

Then there are Master Drake’s pets.  How in the world will I ever be able to fit in with them?  There is one male named Blaze who is being so sweet to me. Thank God for his kindness because the others don’t seem to like me all that much.  I really hope things work out here.  Yet…I wonder if I have made a mistake leaving Master Darius.

All around this house you can almost hear the whispers of change, and it makes me uneasy.


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tori said...

Finished reading the book this morning, loved it. The interaction between Rage and Rex was just hot, im itching to hear how that relationship develops.

I dont suppose there is any chance of a few hints on how the next book will develop?

and being curious to you have an idea way in advance of where you are heading with the characters or does it just all come together as you write?


Justus Roux said...

I'm happy to hear you loved the book :)

I'm working on the next book now "Judas Kiss". This one explores Master Noah and Master Judas' relationship, and how they are fitting into the community.

I do start with an idea about how I want the book to go, but when the characters start to interact my orginal idea changes.