Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Malka is a primitive planet, its habitants very similar to those on Earth.  Two clans of Barbarian warriors fight for supremacy,but it is this fight that threatens to eradicate this race of beings.

A strange disease ravished this land wiping out almost half of the females on the planet. Even more precious female lives were lost in the battles between the Dascon and Larmat clans.  Hakan the leader of the Dascon clan turns to the Rundal for help.  The Rundal a highly evolved race of beings who have peacefully shared lands with the Dascon tribes agree to help and set out to find a race of beings similar to the barbarian warriors. Though their search was long the Rundal find a planet with females that may be compatible with the large barbarian warriors. Hakan reluctantly prepares to send his son Niro to this watery planet to acquire two females and bring them back to Malka.  Though he fears for his only son’s safety, the urgent need for females must take precedence. The fate of the barbarian race depends on if their warriors can mate successfully with the females from this strange new planet. And this begins Justus Roux’s Barbarians of Malka series…

I have combined all five books of the Barbarians of Malka series into one book.  I loved writing this series.  Enjoy!

-Justus Roux


Protector of My Heart 

A Warrior’s Will

A Song for my Warrior

The Warrior’s Heart

Barbarians of Malka

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