Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm excited to announce the release of my book "Love Hurts" on ebook and soon in print

Cassie fears her desires. She has been told her desires are wrong, downright evil, by her ex-husband. She meets a woman named Fawn on a BDSM forum. Fawn manages to get Cassie a meeting with Master Xanthos who is the head of a well-known BDSM community. Cassie is afraid, but knows she needs to do this. Master Xanthos arranges for Cassie to be trained by Master Damien. From the moment Cassie sees her handsome new Master she is enthralled by him. Master Damien leads her on her journey into the BDSM lifestyle.

Jessica can’t get Damien out of her mind after meeting him at Mistress Lilith’s home. This new charismatic Master fills her dreams. And yet, guilt consumes Jessica for having these thoughts. Master Drake is everything to her. He is her husband, her Master, her whole world and yet thoughts of Damien won’t leave her. Against Drake’s better judgment he allows Jessica to go with Rapture to Damien’s house. He hates the way Jessica is around this new Master, but he can’t deny her this, not after everything she has given him.

“Love Hurts” is another exciting addition to Justus Roux’s bestselling Master Series.

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