Friday, October 08, 2010

Darkness is Coming has been released

Here is a little about the book:

Jena has been dreaming about the same handsome and dangerous looking man for as long as she can remember. This man goes only by the name Darkness. And for just as long she has had feelings of someone or something is watching her. Her only respite from these feelings was the time she spent with the nuns when she was a teenaged girl.

Lazarus is an ancient druid who is charged with guarding Jena. He must protect her from Shadow and his clan of vampires. Shadow has caused an angel to fall from grace and he did the unthinkable of turning an angel into a monster. This angel is now called Darkness. Lazarus must keep Shadow and Darkness away from Jena. She is the pure soul described in an ancient druid scroll. It’s more than that to Lazarus. His growing feelings for the woman he is charged with defending strengthens his resolved to protect her. Even if he must go against his own people he will save her.

available now in ebook and soon in print

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