Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oct 2007 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

An early Happy Halloween. I haven't decided what I want to dress up as this Halloween yet, but I am leaning towards being a pirate. I could have fun with that, lol.

I'm putting the finishing touches on "Kiss the Moment" the book should be released Nov 5th. I'm hoping to get the erotic shiver "Rapture" done about the same time.

My website has been updated

Guest poets:
TITOWEEN-Ramona Thompson
His Touch-Edwinna Bryant
Beach Music- Brady Sutton
Lorelei-E.W. Richardson

Guest Writers:
The Precious Treasure- Bes R. Walker

JESSIE’S GAME- Desiree Donovan

Halloween Surprise-Roxanne Rhoads
Waited So Long…. -Carla Wallace

My Story:

The third part to “The Heart’s Eclipse” has been posted

I would like to thank everyone who entered August contest. The winner was Loretta Wilson Enjoy the book!

For Oct. contest- I am giving away a print book of "The Warrior's Heart" To enter send an email to I will draw a winner at the end of the month.

Good luck to everyone that enters

Have a wonderful month
Best wishes,
Justus Roux

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