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August 2007 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Summer is winding down and the kids are getting all worked up over going back to school. My oldest son starts college this fall, my youngest son will be a senior in high school and my daughter goes into 7th grade. And I am busy getting a promotional campaign for my books set up. Plus I have begun work on “Kiss the Moment” which is another book in my Master Series.

"The Warrior's Heart" will be released this month. The e-book should be released by Aug 10th and the print around Aug 20th. Here is a little about the book:

Tomar, the ruler of the Rundal people, discovered a planet called Loma. This planet has the same problem as the planet Malka, but in reverse, where as the Malka people lack females the Loma people lack males. Tomar is excited and travels to Loma to start talks with the Empress. Yet, when he arrives he soon finds that he may have made a mistake wanting to introduce the Loma females to the Malka males. The Empress wants Queen Rhaya’s village destroyed because of the male child born in that village. No male child has been born on Loma for a hundred years and the Empress sees this as a bad omen. Tomar uses his ships to transport the villagers to safety on Malka. But he stays by the Empress’s request.

On Malka the young warrior name Zenith has been chosen for the honor of being the trainer to Niro’s son Zenos. He gets introduced to the warrior women of Loma when Queen Rhaya shows up to meet with Niro. Petra the Queen’s guard is instantly attracted to Zenith, even though he works her last nerve by his arrogance. On Loma smaller, weaker males are desired, but Zenith is large and strong just like all the male warriors on Malka. Niro soon finds out his warriors are having trouble adjusting to the strong female warriors of Loma.

Ramiro, the son of Tomar, has been best friends with Zenith forever. He was named the grand general of the Rundal warriors. His duty is to train the Rundal warriors to fight along side of the barbarians. His older brother Alamaxa is being groomed to be the next ruler of the Rundal people and with Tomar away Alamaxa becomes the acting ruler. His first act as ruler is to command his brother Ramiro to choose a mate. Ramiro doesn’t want a Rundal female but is most curious about the human females. However, it is forbidden for a Rundal male to be with a human female.
Laigne, the weaker male servant to Niro’s mate Robin, can’t believe it when a large beautiful Loma female wants him. On Malka being a weaker male was the most undesirable thing there was. Weaker males in the Dascon clan became servants and playthings to the large male warriors which was considered lucky for in the Larmat clan they simply killed the weaker males.

“The Warrior’s Heart” is book four in the Barbarians of Malka Series

My Website has been updated:
Guest Poets-
Muse-Mel G
Pop Her Berry-C'BS ALife
Shadow of Desire-Feather

Guest Writers-

Incoming Call- Kris Winter
Ruthless -Sommer Marsden
Houdini Hat Trick- Cassie Exline
Our Vegas Experience-Bes R. Walker
Compensation-Joseph Veronneau

My Story-
“The Heart’s Eclipse” This story is an erotic shiver that I will be posting up in four parts. I would love to see this story turned into a graphic novel or maybe even an anime.

All Rakar knew was war. His whole life he was trained to become a General of the Sidana army. All the battles he has won, all the cruelty he is commanded to inflict, all of this has made Rakar a uncompassionate, cold man. But when Rakar is commanded to attack the small colony planet of Nunos he meets the man who will change his life forever.

Serin despised Rakar for destroying his planet and making him a personal slave. Yet, he finds himself drawn to Rakar. He is ashamed of his developing feelings for his captor. The more he tries to deny these feelings the more these feelings grow stronger.

I would like to thank everyone who entered July contest. The winner was Renee Burnette. Enjoy the book!

For August contest- I am giving away a print book of "Erotic Tales 2" and an ebook of "The Warrior's Heart" To enter send an email to storyteller36@msn.com I will draw a winner at the end of the month.
Good luck to everyone that enters

Have a wonderful month everyone :)

Best Wishes,
Justus Roux

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