Saturday, June 30, 2007

July 2007 Newsletter

It's my birthday month. I turn forty on July 19th :) Me, forty, it's hard to believe. But I am okay with it. age is only a number. I wanted to have a big birthday bash to celebrate the next chapter of my life. However, the age thing seems to be bugging my husband. He can be an old poo if he wants. I plan on having a great time on my birthday.

On the writing front. "The Warrior's Heart" which is the next book in the Barbarians of Malka series will be released at the beginning of August. I was hoping for a July release date, but I am afraid that's not going to happen. This book is taking a little longer than I expected to write.

I am one of the featured authors on The Romance Studio’s website this month. You can check it out at

My website has been updated.

Guest Poets:

If I Could Fly -Lorilee Niblett
That Day-Simone Hutchinson
December Moon Rhapsody-E.W. Richardson

Guest Writers:

Cheryl is an Angel-Bes R. Walker
In the Misty Moonlight-Charlotte Dare
Rape Fantasy-Amy Pelletier
Mrs. Monte-N. Vasco

My Story

Hurt Me So Good- Daniel wanted to be dominated by a woman and he gets what he wanted.

I would like to thank everyone who entered June contest. The winner was V. Wurgler. Enjoy the books!
For July contest- I am giving away a print book of "Erotic Tales 2" To enter send an email to I will draw a winner at the end of the month.
Good luck to everyone that enters

Have a great month everyone

Best Wishes,
Justus Roux

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