Tuesday, April 03, 2007

“With These Chains” is now available

“With These Chains” -

With these chains…a love so deep, so pure is forged that not even the cruelness of the most evil trainer could break it.

I couldn’t believe what had happened to me, couldn’t believe that sex slaves were real until I became one. I was forced into this life, forced to service the wants and needs of others. I was robbed of my humanity until I believed I was only a mere possession. I was beaten, humiliated, and forced to fulfill every atrocious, perverted, twisted need of those who put me into this life. I had all but given up, should I choose death or do I continue to be a possession… then Emma gave me back my humanity.
My name is Gaven Reese and this is my story…

To read sample chapter go to my website www.justusroux.com

Ebook is now available at www.justusrouxebooks.com , Mobipocket and soon everywhere else that carries my books.

This cover was done by a budding artist. For this ebook I wanted to try something new and let a brand new artist create the cover. I think for a first effort it's pretty good. My regular cover artist Manoj,who has done all the covers to my books, will be working on the cover for the new anthology "Erotic Tales 2"

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