Thursday, April 05, 2007

I am finished with reading submissions for "Erotic Tales 2" I have sent out my response to all stories and poems submitted. Oh man this was a hard one to pick stories for. There were over 150 submissions. So many good stories and poems, narrowing it down to 30 was extremely difficult. I try to give any kind of feedback I can to the stories that were rejected, but to be honest there wasn't really that many that needed feedback. Most were well written and the storylines were good, they just didn't fit with what I had envisioned for the anthology.

I have picked a nice variety of stories and poems that cover the gamut of erotica. Now I have to starting editing and formatting the book. I am going to start that next week. Easter weekend is almost here and I have a million little things to do to get ready for it.

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates the holiday :)

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