Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Say Love" has been released!

I"m excited to announce that my newest Master Series book "Say Love" has been released on eBook and print.  Here is a little about the book.

Liam is the main therapist for Master Xanthos’ BDSM community.  Liam had an understanding of the lifestyle though he wasn’t a part of it.  Everything changes when Liam sees Master Griffin for the first time. His attraction to him is alarming, since Liam never considered himself bisexual and certainly never believed himself to be a submissive. Master Griffin announces that he will be training Liam to be a submissive. Liam should have been pissed off by Master Griffin’s assumption, yet he was intrigued.

Master Griffin is anything but subtle. When he wants something he finds a way to get it, and he wanted Liam.  Griffin knows he will have to be careful with training Liam or he runs the risk of Liam bolting. Griffin is up to the challenge of training such an independent submissive. Master Griffin is now the co-head Master of Master Xanthos’ BDSM community. He has plans for Xanthos’ prestigious community.  He knows this community could be the best one in the country if Xanthos would stop thinking with his emotions. Yet, more so, Griffin wants to seek revenge against everyone who has hurt his lover Dimitri. His first target is Master James.

It is available on Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and soon everywhere else.

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