Tuesday, March 04, 2014

March 2014 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the late delivery of this month’s newsletter. It’s been really stressful at the home front. It looks like we will be moving to Columbus OH sometime this Summer to be closer to my husband’s job. I had hoped to be on our way to Phoenix AZ, but that will have to wait a couple of years. The upside I get to explore a new city. I’m looking forward to that.

This month my middle son celebrates his 24th birthday. I can’t wait until Spring gets here I’m so sick of this snow.
On the writing front.

I’ve been working on the next book in the Master of My Heart Series. “A Good Man” will be released at the end of April. I will put more about this book in next month’s newsletter.

Guest Writer-
Dee’s Little Problem- Bes R. Walker

The winner of the February’s website contest was Suzanne Bischoff congratulations and enjoy the books. For March’s contest I’m giving away a print book of “Voodoo”, “The Complete Dom/Sub trilogy”, and “Chained Heart” to one lucky winner. To enter put contest in the subject line and send it to storyteller36@msn.com
Good luck to everyone that enters

Have a great month everyone
Best Wishes,
Justus Roux

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