Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Oct 2013 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

An early Happy Halloween. Not sure what the Halloween theme will be for this year yet. I have been so busy with promoting “Voodoo” and working on the new Master series book, while working around health issues. I’m finally going to see an endocrinologist for my thyroid issues. My husband insisted that I did. My energy levels have dropped off dramatically and he is worried, so to ease his mind I will go see a specialist about this. I really hate going to the doctor. Though, it will be nice to feel like my old peppy self again.

On a more upbeat note, my daughter is doing really well in college and is meeting lots of interesting people, not to mention she is exploring Hawaii while she is there. I hear all about it when we Skype :)

On the writing front:


“Voodoo” has been released on print and ebook.  It already got a wonderful review from Sizzling Hot Books, yay!  Here is a link http://sizzlinghotbooks.com/voodoo-by-justus-roux/


I will be doing a virtual book tour for “Voodoo” this month and next month. Some of the stops so far are:

10/7:  http://indieauthorsbooksandmore.blogspot.com/

10/23: Perusing Princesses

10/25:  Romance with Flavor

11/5:   http://literalhottiesnaughtybookreviews.blogspot.com/

11/6:  Harlie’s Books

11/11:  Snifferwalk

11/15:   The Book Cellar

11/18:   Book Bliss

11/19:   Books to Get Lost In (http://bookstogetlostin.blogspot.com)

11/22:  Must Read Faster

11/27:  Deal Sharing Aunt

11/28:  In Shadows

11/29:  You Gotta Read Reviews

I will post more on Facebook when all the details are available.




My Website has been updated:


Guest Writer:

Happy Anniversary- Tony Haynes




The winner of the September’s website contest was Catherine Lemanski congratulations and enjoy the books. For October’s contest I’m giving away a print book of “Judas’ Kiss” and “Voodoo” to one lucky winner. To enter put contest in the subject line and send it to storyteller36@msn.com

Good luck to everyone that enters


Have a great month everyone!

Best Wishes,

Justus Roux


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