Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May 2012 Newsletter An early Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there. It’s just my daughter living at home this year, my two sons have move out to their own homes now, so I have no idea what they have planned for me this mother’s day. I do love surprises though :) My husband’s birthday is this month. He will be turning forty six. I got a couple of surprises for him ;) Next month “Ferocity” will be released, first in ebook then in print. It’s the next book in the Master Series and it takes off where “I Got you” left off. Here is a little about the book: Ferocity in which he loves- Master Alejandro wants his former submissive Angel back. He needs him, wants to possess him, and will do anything to get him back. Angel is his, will always be his one way or another. Angel’s new Master, Drake will not keep Alejandro from getting his possession back.
Ferocity in which she wants revenge- Camila’s brother Conrad once served a Master named Dante. But this Master refused to be Conrad’s Master anymore. This just about destroyed Conrad, sending him into a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol until he finally tried to take his life. Camila watched Conrad suffer for years after Dante’s refusal to be his Master. Though now, Conrad has started to rebuild his life Camila can’t forgive the man who brought Conrad so much pain. She tricks Michael into sending her to serve Master Dante. She plans on hurting Dante, but first she must find out in what way would hurt him the most. I’m going to be one of the featured authors on The Romance Studio in May. Stop on by and check out my interview http://www.theromancestudio.com/blue/home.php I’m also part of the Erotic Romance Madness Hop May 10- 14 at the Romance reviews website. http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/ I have updated my website Guest Writers: Of Hibernian Bondage-Olivia London Angel in Repose-Jim Spry Contest: The winner of April’s contest was Christine Arcidiacono congratulations and enjoy the books. For May’s contest I’m giving away a print book of "My Mistress" and “I Got You” to one lucky winner. To enter put contest in the subject line and send it to storyteller36@msn.com Good luck to everyone that enters. Have a great month everyone! Best Wishes, Justus Roux www.justusroux.com www.justusrouxmasterseries.com storyteller36@msn.com Justus Roux's Erotic Tales Where Love and Erotic Know No Boundaries

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