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November 2011 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

An early Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S.A readers. This month my daughter and son celebrate their birthdays. My daughter and I will be seeing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert later on this month. We are both looking forward to it.

“Love’s Escape” is available in print and eBook. “My Mistress” the next book in the Master Series will be released late December 2011.

I have put together all the stories that make up my Demon Hunter Series into one eBook. The eBooks included are: Keeper of My Soul, Heavenly Surrender, Ayden’s Awakening and the novella Forever. This was my very first completed series and I’m happy to share the entire story with you.

Here is a little about my Demon Hunter series:

Asurul a General of Hell falls in love with the guardian angel Isa. Their love is forbidden and yet it is. The Creator allows this if Asurul and Isa can prove their love for each other by becoming mortal. If they fail they will become lesser demons and live out eternity slithering around in Hell. If they succeed they will be granted their own paradise. Isa agrees to the test right away, but Asurul not wanting to risk Isa’s soul questions the Creator. Isa convinces Asurul that she knows they can succeed, so he reluctantly agrees. However, since Asurul doubted, even if he was thinking of Isa’s soul, their future son Ayden will be cursed to suffer love lost over and over until he finds his soul mate.

Lasax, the ruler of Hell and Prolo, the ruler of Heaven are forbidden from harming Asurul or Isa. Ayden doesn’t have this protection so Asurul is granted the right to train Demon hunters to protect his son. Isa begs the Creator to grant these Demon Hunters the right to earn their redemption for their service to Ayden. The Creator agrees and states if a Demon Hunter finds their soul mate or if Ayden finds his then their soul will be free.

Asurul’s Demon Hunters will literally go through Heaven, Hell and Purgatory for their soul mates. And they willingly give their souls to protect Ayden. They all believe Ayden was meant to be something great and our willing to risk all for him.

New Ebook store
You can now buy eBooks directly from my website. Download delivery is automatic and secure so you can enjoy eBooks right away. EBooks are listed by series or single title. The eBooks in a series are listed in the order they should be read. I have been working on opening up this eBook store for quite some time. I have noticed, other than Amazon and All Romance eBooks, all other stores that carry my eBooks don’t have all the eBooks available. Why this is this way I have no idea, but having several series available for readers to enjoy even missing one eBook in a particular series is frustrating. Being an avid reader myself I know the frustration of not being able to find all the books in a series. All eBooks in the store are available in PDF, HTML and Epub formats. The store is on the main website under the Buy eBooks Store link

My eBooks are still available at all other retailers as well. A list of retailers is at

My website has been updated

Ebook Store:
The first two eBooks of Barbarian of Malka series “Protector of My Heart” and “A Warrior’s Will” have been combined into one eBook.
The first two eBooks of the Master Series “My Master” and “Master’s Ecstasy” have been combined into one eBook. In addition, “Obey” and “Sweet Rapture” have also been combined into one eBook.

Guest writers:
Tire Stud-Jeremy Edwards
Muriel’s Confession-Muriel

The winner of the October’s contest was Regina Ross, congratulations and enjoy the books. For November’s contest I’m giving away a print book of “Love Hurts”, “Love’s Escape”, and the "Complete Demon Hunter Series" to one lucky winner. To enter put contest in the subject line and send it to
Good luck to everyone that enters

Have a great month, everyone!
Best Wishes,
Justus Roux

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