Saturday, May 31, 2008

June 2008 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

This month my husband and I are celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe we have been married this long. I swear you just blink and time flies right by. We will be spending a nice romantic evening alone on our anniversary. I would have loved to have gone to Hawaii, but there is just too much going on right now to get away.

On the writing front, I will be posting the first part to my new story “Whips” up on my website this month. I’m putting the finishing touches on “Black Velvet” and I’m working on the new book in the Barbarians of Malka series. I have been on a mini hiatus this last month. I had so much family stuff to do it left very little time for writing. This month however my muses are eager to come out and play, lol.

My website has been updated:

Guest poets:

The Sex Tutor-Ramona Thompson
Release- Mel G
Michealangelo- Babygrrl

Guest writers:
Paula and Corey- Bes R. Walker
Worth the Wait- Bobbi Langford
KATHY- N. Vasco
Bed of Roses- Larissa Gale

My story:

Whips- Arnet and Skye love their Master Garrett very much. They would do anything for him. Yet, they can’t deny their growing love for each other. Both feel as though they are betraying their Master by having these feelings for each other. Master should always be first, their love is only for him. What happens when submissives can no longer hide their feelings for each other?


I would like to thank everyone who entered May contest. The winner was Vanessa Flournoy Enjoy the book!
For June’s contest- I am giving away a print book of "My Warrior", plus an eBook of the winner's choice. To enter send an email to I will draw a winner at the end of the month.
Good luck to everyone that enters

Have a great month 

Best Wishes,

Justus Roux

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