Monday, March 26, 2007

Me and the family went to see "300" this last Saturday. It was a pretty good movie. All those half naked hot men were worth the price of admission alone, lol. What I found fascinating was the fact that the story was being told to us and the way certain things were exaggerated just like it would if a storyteller was telling a story was very well done. I enjoy seeing how a plot is built and executed. I guess it's the writer in me. This movie was a bit gory in parts, but that is to be expected in a movie like this. All in all it was worth going to see at the movie theater.
Next weekend my kids start their spring break. My youngest son is going with his father on the road for a couple of days. He has been wanting to ride along with his dad in his semi truck since he was a little boy. I am glad my husband is finally taking him along for a short trip. I think during this spring break it would be a good time for some spring cleaning. I want to freshen everything up. maybe change some things around. I tell you what I need a change.
"With These Chains" will be released by April 4th and I have started work on a series of four stories that all revolve around the Master/submissive lifestyle. Each story will tell a different aspect of this lifestyle.
Plus during spring break I will be working on "Erotic Shivers 2" I have a lot of story submissions to read through. It's always so hard picking the right ones to put in the book. I always get such wonderful stories to pick from. It looks like this year will be no different.
Well, I better get back to work. I have to get the next part of "My Warrior" ready for tomorrow's erotic moment for my yahoo group

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