Monday, July 20, 2020

"Unravel" has been released

Autumn’s journey into the BDSM lifestyle was proving to be a very difficult one. Master Dante wasn’t an easy Master to serve even for an experienced submissive.  She was finding it difficult to love a man who was so closed off as Master Dante. Yet, she was determined to find a way to get the man, whom she has only seen glimpses of, to love her like that all the time. 

The whole community was shaken to its core by Liam’s Master suicide. Autumn needed to help Liam out of his despair, seeing him so broken was tearing her apart.  Plus, watching her twin brother try to mend his heart and be strong for his submissives only added to everything. She wanted to be there for everyone she loved, but being pulled in so many directions was beginning to unravel everything.

Friday, April 26, 2019

"In My Blood" has been released

“When I look in the mirror I see him. When people look at me, they see him. I’m not a newer shinier version of him, I am me. I saw the way you looked at me when you first met me. You saw him, not me. How am I going to prove myself in his shadow?” -Garrett

Garrett’s training was almost complete and soon he would be named Master. He was eager to start this new part of his lifestyle. Master Brutus was never going to hand over Bree until Garrett had proven himself worthy of her.  Kane, the man Master Lash was having help Garrett with his training was becoming attached to Garrett.  And Garrett was falling deeper in love with Master Lash, which was only going to lead to heartbreak because Lash was already in a long-term relationship.  Then there was the matter of trying to come out from his father’s shadow. Everyone in the lifestyle knew and respected Master Drake. Would Garrett be able to live up to expectations people placed on him for being Master Drake’s son?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Master Series book "Hold On Tight"

Autumn had always been the cautious one, while her twin brother Garrett never seemed afraid to dive right into anything.  He knew that he was meant to be part of the BDSM lifestyle. She had no idea if she wanted the BDSM lifestyle. She was happy in the protective bubble her father had placed her in. Until her heart couldn’t take the pain of Liam’s rejection anymore. Lara, a friend, and colleague offered for Autumn to come to stay at her Master’s home so that Autumn could help her with a difficult case. Autumn agreed wanting to put distance between her and Liam.  Everything seemed like it was going in the right direction. She could focus on her career and figure out a way to forget about her feelings for Liam. She was eager to work with Lara, then she saw Lara’s Master. She remembered his beautiful grey eyes and the way her parents would seem nervous around him when he visited their home.  She also remembered his title, the Master of Pain.  Being around him evoke feelings in her that she didn’t understand.  Her first instinct was to run back home, yet she was determined to help the girl Lara entrusted her with. She would ignore all else and focus on her work. Yet, that was proving easier said than done.

"Hold On Tight" will be released in Oct 2018

Saturday, September 30, 2017

I’m excited to announce the release of “Gravity’ the 36th book in the Master Series.
Garrett knew his life was different than so-called normal people. Trying to deal with the fact his parents lived a BDSM lifestyle was difficult enough. Yet, also knowing his biological father was also his parents’ Master was even more difficult to deal with. His twin sister Autumn seemed to be handling this better than he was. What made this worse was his own desire to live this lifestyle. He needed to be dominant, yet his biological father was widely known in the BDSM world as the Master of Pleasure. To add to this imbroglio, Garrett thinks he might be falling in love with Master Lash, the man who is going to train him to be a Master. The cherry on top of it all, the man his biological father helped put in prison eighteen years ago was getting released soon.

Available on eBook through Amazon and Smashwords right now, soon everywhere else. Print book coming soon.